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European Data Protection Day – “Connected Planet: The New Dimension of Privacy”

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European Data Protection Day – "Connected Planet: The New Dimension of Privacy"
A conference on the digital habitat, the Internet of Things and wearable technology

How to stand for individuals´ rights in the new dimension of the "infosphere" – a habitat populated by data, information, shared experiences, new knowledge tools; what social and economic scenarios result from the "Internet of Things", the world of inter-connected things; what data protection challenges arise from the growing development of wearable technologies – from smart watches to augmented reality glasses.

These key as well as highly topical issues were debated at a conference on "Connected Planet: The New Dimension of Privacy" that was organized by the Italian data protection Authority on the occasion of the 2015 European Data Protection Day, on the 28th of January.

The three sessions of the conference were moderated by the three members of the Italian data protection authority (Augusta Iannini, Giovanna Bianchi Clerici, Licia Califano) and opened by the address  given by the Chair of the Authority, Antonello Soro, whilst the Vice-President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies (Ms. Marina Sereni) held the final wrap-up speech. As well as students from two high schools in Rome, journalists, academia representatives and other key contributors took part in the debate: Juan Carlos De Martin (Turin´s Politecnico), Antonio Spadaro (from the "Civiltà Cattolica" journal), Luca De Biase (from the "Il Sole 24 Ore" daily), Roberto Baldoni (Rome´s La Sapienza University), Massimo Russo (Wired Italia), Lella Mazzoli and Giovanni Boccia Artieri (Urbino´s "Carlo Bo" University"), Andrea Granelli (Kanso) and Federico Maggi (Milan´s Politecnico).

The European Data Protection Day was first celebrated in 2007 following the initiative taken by the Council of Europe with the support of the EU Commission and all European data protection authorities. It is aimed at raising citizens´ awareness of their rights related to the protection of privacy, human dignity and fundamental freedoms.

28 january 2015